That’s the FAMACY.CO mantra.

We take the healing power of unrefined, functional foods and use it to make a change for the better. Our team of doctors, nutritional health and food experts combine their experience and evidence-based research to limit toxin intake and radicalise the way you eat. One bite at a time.

By being conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, and forming new habits, we can make a positive difference to both our health and the world around us.

It’s not hard or complicated. It’s a lifestyle choice. Choose a life free from fear of illness, free from the worry that we’re doing what’s best for ourselves and our families. Choose freedom to live your best life and have the energy to do so.

They say you are what you eat. Well who are you? You decide.


Make every bite count.

As a planet, food is our problem, but it can also be our solution. For too long now, the health and food industries have been too focussed inwardly to listen to each other. Our founders and their partners, being experts in both areas, are finally putting their heads together and working towards a common goal.

If we talk about putting our money where our mouth is, every penny we spend on food counts as a vote. With each bite, we decide the fate of a multi-billion dollar food industry.

Now that’s power.


For Co-Founder Tammie Tsang, her career in food and nutritional science is somewhat of a third coming. Born in Hong Kong to a teen runaway and triad member, her humble beginnings have never held her back. Taking influence from her Chinese roots, Western education, making MTV music videos and the business of Sports, her work is as fast-paced, exciting and varied as she is.

Deliberate in her choice of ingredients, precise about the science of nutrition and fiery as the pan she cooks in – this is one hot Mumma-of-two who’s armed to the hilt with knowledge and determination to make a difference to the way we eat and the world we grow it in.

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On the court, in the boardroom, in his restaurants, Co-Founder of FAMACY and the FAMA Group Larry Tang is no stranger to hard graft. Once a semi-pro basketballer, Larry went from being a big hitter in the Asia Pacific Advertising to turning a crisis of conscience into a viable sustainable and organic food movement. Conscious Capitalism is the name of Larry’s game. And as far as building up Hong Kong’s clean eating scene, he’s no doubt our G.O.A.T.

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