FAMACY X MYUMAMI Spicy Umami Crunch Sauce - 150ml

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Let food be thy medicine. The injection of health in delicious ready-to-eat sauces curated by a certificated nutritionist/chef/mom. Based on our love for the complex savoury flavour, in combination with our need to place much healthier convenience foods in our food system. We do this by abiding to holistic nutrition principles whilst balancing the essence of every ingredient used.

FAMACY X MYUMAMI Spicy Umami Crunch Sauce - 150ml

Ingredients: olive oil, shallots, fresh chilies, garlic, wakame, sesame seeds, yeast extract, organic dehydrated ginger, annatto seeds, Yidu chili powder, Himalayan pink salt, star anise, Tianjin chili powder, green cardamom

Goodness Factors:

  • Heavy metal chelator wakame (also iodine rich)
  • Anti-inflammatory olive oil base
  • Immune superfoods garlic & ginger
  • Antioxidant rich annatto seeds

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