FAMACYMAMA Taste-test pack with Sous vide experience

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A clean, functional, nourishing TCM-based postnatal meal plan is a worthy investment in your and your baby's health. But hey, we get it, don't buy till you try! Plus this set of clean and delicious food can only benefit you and your baby. Choose from our Taste-test Pack menu and we will deliver it straight to your door.

Soups (Choose 1)

A. Lymphatic Thai coconut corn soup 清補涼泰式椰子有機粟米湯

B. Tranquility minestrone 養血安神意大利雜菜湯

C. Abalone coconut chicken bone broth 鮑魚螺頭椰子雞骨膠原湯 (+$38)

Signature Dishes (Choose 2)

A. Japanese breakfast:

Sous vide tamari miso salmon | organic brown rice bone broth congee | housemade ferment

日式早餐 慢煮醬油味噌三文魚|有機骨膠原湯糙米粥| 自家製酸菜

B. Cinnamon french toast (Gluten-free) 玉桂西多士 (無麩質)

C. Detox-support lingzhi chicken 靈芝烏髮三杯雞

D. Sous vide herbed grass-fed beef cheeks with colourful vegetables

Whole Grain

Cauliflower buckwheat rice 椰菜花蕎麥飯

Snack/Dessert (Choose 1)

A. Date brownies 紅棗布朗尼

B. Peach gum snow ear papaya longan dessert 桃膠雪耳木瓜桂圓糖水

Drinks (Choose 1)

A. Warming ginger goji kombucha 暖身薑杞子康普茶

B. Blood-nourishing dongquai kombucha 補血當歸康普茶

Enjoy the nourishment and convenience from our Sous Vide Experience offer, together with our FAMACYMAMA Taste-test pack.

Studies show sous vide cooking can help to retain the highest amount of the vulnerable vitamin C, and may even increase phytonutrient carotenoids by 1.1 to 1.8 times. This temperature-controlled cooking method is the best way to preserve many important nutrients, flavour, as well as to prevent overcooking.

  1. 5-day sous vide rental for $80 with a deposit of $395
  2. Return courier included
  3. Your deposit will be returned once we receive the machine and checked for good working order


To birth and grow a tiny human requires a substantial amount of high-quality resources such as nutrients, the building blocks of human bodily functions. To fuel your body and mind, we strictly adhere to holistic nutrition principles, we:

  • Create our meal plans based on a functional dietary pattern including a wide variety of food groups to ensure balanced macronutrients and micronutrients, fiber, and probiotics.
  • Don't use ingredients containing gluten
  • Don't use hydrogenated or seed oils
  • Don't use refined, ultra-processed, or empty-calorie ingredients
  • Unapologetic about using clean, nutrient-dense saturated fats such as those from coconut oil, and grass-fed beef
  • Strictly use grass-fed beef with no added hormones and antibiotics
  • Strictly use pasture-raised chicken, eggs, and pork with no added hormones and antibiotics
  • Strictly use sustainable or zero-chemical fish and seafood
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