Creating life is nothing short of a miracle, this is a time when she needs, and more importantly, deserves the most support in her life. Our mission is to simply provide her with a truly health-building meal plan, abiding by evidence-based holistic nutrition, and in accordance with the tried and tested nourishment of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


To birth and grow a tiny human requires a substantial amount of high-quality resources such as nutrients, the building blocks of human bodily functions. To fuel your body and mind, we strictly adhere to holistic nutrition principles, we:

  • Create our meal plans based on a functional dietary pattern including a wide variety of food groups to ensure balanced macronutrients and micronutrients, fiber, and probiotics.
  • Don't use ingredients containing gluten
  • Don't use hydrogenated or seed oils
  • Don't use refined, ultra-processed, or empty-calorie ingredients
  • Unapologetic about using clean, nutrient-dense saturated fats such as those from coconut oil, and grass-fed beef
  • Strictly use grass-fed beef with no added hormones and antibiotics
  • Strictly use pasture-raised chicken, eggs, and pork with no added hormones and antibiotics
  • Strictly use sustainable or zero-chemical fish and seafood