Organic Brown Rice Bone Broth Iberico & Ginkgo Congee

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Gut health | Gluten-free | Dairy-free

600g (~2-3 servings)

A rare whole grain congee made with activated organic brown rice, cooked in our housemade gelatin-rich bone broth simmered for 5 hours, using chicken and pork without added-hormone and anti-biotics. Accented by local Iberico minced pork, adding valuable clean protein content to a usually otherwise carb-heavy food.

Ingredients: House-made bone broth (water, local
non-GMO Iberico pork bones, hormone-free
chicken bones, apple cider vinegar, kombu),
local non-GMO Iberico mince pork, organic
brown rice, ginkgo, Himalayan pink salt,
sesame oil, white pepper

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