SLOW Eating 101 Starter Kit

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Eating in optimal health is a lifestyle choice of creating long-lasting habits. This SLOW Eating 101 Starter Kit includes chef-selected everyday kitchen essentials, that are both delicious and health-conscious.

The SLOW Eating 101 Starter Kit includes:

  • Coconut Matter Neutral Flavoured Coconut Oil - 500ml
  • Natnat Organic Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil - 100ml
  • Clearspring Toasted Sesame Oil (Unrefined) - 250ml
  • San-j Organic Gluten-Free Tamari - 300ml
  • FAMACY x MYUMAMI Spicy Umami Crunch Sauce - 150ml
  • FAMACY Himalayan Crystal Salt (Fine) - 125g
  • FAMACY Organic Coconut Flower Sugar - 125g
  • FAMACY Nutritional Yeast - 70g
  • Sauce Co Organic Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce - 420ml
  • Bob's Red Mill Organic Arrowroot Starch - 454g
  • Connoisseur Organic Short Grain Brown Rice - 2kg
  • Yuan Shun Organic Kale Brown Rice Spaghetti - 240g
  • Wei Jung Organic Miso - 300g
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